Updated Map Shows New Baiting and Feeding Rules

Sep 6, 2017

Credit Wisconsin DNR

Legislative changes to Wisconsin's deer baiting and feeding ban can be viewed through the DNR website to check where things have changed.

DNR Section Chief Tami Ryan says before taking part in upcoming hunting seasons or placing feed for wildlife, hunters and wildlife watchers should be sure to check which counties currently prohibit wildlife baiting and feeding activities.

28 CWD affected areas or counties are affected and none will have the ban lifted this year, including Oneida, Vilas, Forest and Oconto counties, where CWD positive deer were detected on game farms. But 15 counties, mainly in eastern and northwestern Wisconsin, have had their bans lifted says Ryan.

She says because no new detections have been found in those areas...

"....a primary example of that would be the northwestern portion of the state where we previously had a four county zone where baiting and feeding was prohibited for deer due to a detection in Washburn county of a wild deer outside of Shell Lake. Because we haven't detected any additional positives and once this new amendment went into the baiting and feeding legislation, that has been lifted...."

In August, Governor Walker signed a bill limiting the ban in infected counties to 36 months and in neighboring counties to 24 months. If another deer tests positive during that span, the clock would restart.

Ryan says go to the DNR website and put 'baiting and feeding' in the search box to find out the latest information.