UW-Extension Survey Asks "Why Do You Live In the Northwoods?"

Jan 24, 2014

Credit UW-Extension

A survey is underway to find out why people live in Oneida county. Survey proponents hope as many young people as possible participate.

Oneida County UW-Extension and Rhinelander Young Professionals are hosting the survey. Extension Agent Tim Brown says there is plenty of chatter why young people leave the community or stay, but little in the way of hard numbers...


"...everyone has an opinion as to why young people stay or why they go or what they want to see from their elected officials or community leaders. But nobody has ever really done a data-driven investigation as to what young people feel..."


Brown says Iron county conducted a similar survey and found out some things about local young people...


"...their biggest finding was that young people who choose to live in Iron county are there because of outdoor adventure sports....they found they have a niche attracting people who enjoy cross country skiing, who liked kaying, who liked hiking...."

He says Iron county has used those survey results to mold a marketing campaign to attract young people with those interests.

Brown says any person of any age can take the survey. It's on the UW-Extension Facebook page about two-thirds down the page.