Vaccinations Will Help Stop The Return Of Diseases

Apr 29, 2014


Health officials are discussing a recent upswing in cases of mumps and measles breaking out in parts of the nation. Those mostly childhood afflictions had largely disappeared, but an apparent lack of immunizations have health officials asking parents to get their kids vaccinated.

Char Ahrens from Oneida County Public Health says this week is National Infant Immunization Week. She says it's a good time to get it done...

"....vaccinating children on time is the best way of protecting them against 14 potentially serious and deadly diseases. Hopefully, before their second birthday. It's not only to protect them but it's also to protect other people in the community that can't receive vaccines....:"

Mumps has returned, with new cases reported in the state along with measles. But another harsh illness saw a large increase in reported cases the Northwoods...

"...we did have 131 cases of whooping cough reported in Oneida county in 2013...."

Ahrens says parents need to consider all the ramifications of not getting their children immunized, including bringing the disease home to possibly infect others, loss of time tending to the sick person. She says vaccinations have prevented diseases that just a few generations ago killed many people.