VC Committee Recommends Courthouse Security Firm

Aug 10, 2017


The Vilas County Public Property committee selected a private firm, Per Mar, to provide courthouse security starting in 2018 for an estimated cost of $35,000 and will recommend to the county board there be one non-lethal security officer position, one main public entrance, and not to include an x-ray search at this time.

Per Mar has an office in Wausau and currently provides courthouse security for three counties. The second firm interviewed was Wisconsin Lock & Load out of Green Bay who favored an armed security person. Lock & Load cost was estimated to be $42,00. 

Sheriff Joe Fath said any armed security person would have to be a sworn deputy sheriff under his command. The committee voted 4-1 for Per Mar with member Walt Maciag saying his first choice would be the Sheriff's department and second choice Lock & Load since they have a former sheriff on their management team.

All persons will enter the main public entrance in the new courthouse addition. They stressed “all persons” and for the first couple of months all staff will also enter and go through a security protocol. That protocol will include all items removed from pockets, going through a magnetometer, electronic wand coverage if necessary, and a search of all bags, briefcases, packages, and purses.