Venison Burgers Renew Nearly Half-Century Tradition

Nov 19, 2013


They're cooking them until their gone....the 48th Annual Venison Feed is Friday in downtown Tomahawk.

Chamber Executive Director Tamra Anderson says they are ready for hungry hunters...


"'s our free feed in downtown Tomahawk. This year we're going to give away about 1600 venison burgers....we fire up 5 grills starting at about 10:00 o'clock and we start serving burgers around 11:30....."

The event is free. She says its a way to say thanks to the community...


"'s our way of giving back to the community and our way of giving back to the hunters that have made coming up to our area a tradition over the past 48 years. For us, it's a fun event, a quick event and it promotes Tomahawk tradition and that's what we would like to keep it about...."

The venison used for the burgers is donated by area hunters. More than 1,000 people are expected.