Veterans Get Online Access To Medical Records

Jun 26, 2013

Veterans will have access to their medical records and other services around the clock and the VA will be in Rhinelander early next month to explain it.

Veterans will soon have round-the-clock online access to their medical records.
Credit Ed Schipul

Sherry Aichner is the MyHealtheVet coordinator for the Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center in Iron Mountain.

Aichner says the program gives Internet-connected veterans quick access...


"...the progress notes, anything written in their charts from nutrition, diet, social work, to their physician and nurse will be accessed to them. Their lab reports are also available and those go from the date they have the lab work to years back so they have access to that...X-Rays, pathology reports...."

Aichner says the online service is secure.

Many other services are offered. Staff from Iron Mountain will be in Rhinelander at the Kemp Street facility July 8 and 9 to help veterans with the new program.

More information is online at gov or contact the VA Medical Center in Iron Mountain for more information.