Vilas Committee Rejects Joining Opioid Lawsuit

Jan 12, 2018

Credit stevepb

A resolution pushed by the Wisconsin Counties Association that would have Vilas County join 59 other Wisconsin counties in lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies that manufacture opioids was rejected Monday by the county executive and judicial committee on a 5-1 vote.

Leading the opposition was supervisor Walt Maciag, who questioned lack of details in the resolution language. Maciag pointed out no pharmaceutical companies  were named and the alleged unlawful and unethical practices  were also not identified.

He felt doctors and medical schools also contribute to the problem.

Supervisor Charles Hayes felt it was already costing the county in terms of increased felony drug cases involving opioids.

Supervisor Carolyn Ritter felt a lawsuit sends a strong message to drug companies on the opioid epidemic they created. She cast the lone vote for the resolution.