Vilas Courthouse Security Level Debated

Jun 16, 2017


Two levels of security for the Vilas County courthouse were debated by the county public property committee but no decision was made.

County board Chairman Ron DeBruyne felt a single entrance planned with the new $11 million addition may require up to three persons to staff it and suggested the top floor of the courthouse where courts, juvenile intake, clerk of courts, and register in probate are located be secured first.

That was not supported by Vilas County Judge Neal Nielsen who said security for all employees and visitors was needed and who would never advocate security greater for court staff than other county employees. He noted other county offices experience disgruntled people such as zoning, child support, social services, treasurer, and district attorney.

District Attorney Martha Milanowski  agreed indicating she has encountered persons after hours who should not be in the courthouse. Presently, there is no sweep of the building at closing time for unauthorized persons. County Clerk Dave Alleman  said a decision was needed soon so funding can be included in the 2018 budget, either for the top floor or for a single entrance with proper staff and equipment.

The committee also needs to decide if there should be a separate staff entrance or one entrance for all.