Vilas, Oneida County Get Too Many Antlerless Deer Tags

Sep 5, 2013

Antlerless deer

The DNR is asking hunters in two deer units in Vilas and Oneida counties to return some doe tags after they accidentally sold too many. Wildlife management director Tom Hauge says it was human error in data transfer.


"...when we started our issuance process it was brought to our attention that the permit numbers we had listed for 'available' were higher than the numbers approved by the Natural Resources Board back in May..."


Hunters who do send back the extra tag will get a refund from the DNR...

"....we ended up overselling in unit 35 by about 288 permits and overselling in unit 36 by 67 permits...

About 350 tags are involved.

Since those antlerless tags are sold on a first-come first-served basis, state officials have contacted all of the people who purchased tags after the quota was sold, asking for them back. If you have been contacted by the DNR, you can send back the permit in the envelope provided.

(Thanks Larry Lee, WSAU radio)