Volunteers Needed for "Lets Go Fishing"

Aug 2, 2013

Credit 322variety.com

After a successful launch recently, the "Lets Go Fishing Northwoods" chapter is hoping to find some volunteer help to keep the program going. The program is for seniors and others who aren't likely to get a chance to fish. The boat is launched from the landing on Boom Lake in Rhinelander.

Stephanie Schroeder says they are hoping volunteers step forward for an upcoming training. They're looking for captains...


"....we do have a training coming up August 9 at the (Oneida County)Senior Center at 10 a.m. That will be the classroom part of it, then we're moving down to Boom Lake where they will be instructing people on the actual handling of the boat...."

They're also looking for volunteer assistants to help people with all the pre-launch needs.

Shroeder says they're also actively looking for sponsors for the boat they use.

More information is available on the Lets Go Fishing website.