VSO: Memorial Day Time To Think About Freedoms

May 25, 2014

The unofficial first day of summer is today, but for a local Veterans Service Officer, today is more than just a time to enjoy the day.

Oneida County's V.S.O. is Tammy Walters...

Credit Ben Franske-commons.wikimedia.org


".....I get the picnics, and I get the boating and I get the fun and the unofficial first day of summer, I really do understand that. But gosh,if people would take one minute to think about without those men and women who are brave enough to go to war and fight for our freedoms. I think they would be truly amazed if they thought about it...."

Rhinelander's ceremony begins at the Davenport Street bridge at 10:30 a.m. then proceeds to the courthouse for a full ceremony at 11 a.m. Glen Johnson...a prisoner of war during World War II....will return to conclude his story during the Rhinelander event today. There are dozens of ceremonies scheduled for today across the region.