Westlund Says Duffy Talks One Way Here, Votes The Other

Mar 13, 2014

Kelly Westlund(D-Ashland)
Credit Westlund For Congress
  The Democrat challenging Congressman Sean Duffy says what Duffy says in the district and how he votes are two different things. Kelly Westlund of Ashland appeared Thursday for a breakfast meeting in Rhinelander...  

"....Congressman Duffy was hosting a meeting on the issues of hunger and homelessness. At the same time he voted to cut food stamps by $40 billion in the Farm Bill. This is somebody who will often talk about the need to protect Social Security but then talks about entitlement reform. That's code for privatization(of Social Security) or supporting a plan like Paul Ryan's..."

 Westlund was referring to another Wisconsin Congressman, Paul Ryan, who has advocated for deep federal spending cuts in some programs. Westlund also delivered petitions to Duffy's office with signatures asking for the federal minimum wage to go to $10.10...  

"....we got about 60 thousand signatures on (the petitions) and we delivered those to Congressman Duffy's office, calling on him to tell us which side he is on. Whether he's going to stand with corporate campaign funders or if he's going to stand with people in his district who deserve to make a liveable  wage. So far he hasn't given us an answer...."

 Westlund is an Ashland city council member and has worked as a consultant and small business owner. The large 7th Congressional district covers portions of central, north central and northwestern Wisconsin. Republican Sean Duffy won the seat two years ago held by long-time Congressman David Obey.