Before Winter, Make Sure the Heat is On

Oct 9, 2013

With winter on its way, the Public Service Commission is telling residents who may be behind on utility payments to get connected.  

A moratorium on winter shutoffs begins November 1st.
Credit Naijamayor

Starting November 1st, there is a moratorium on utility shutoffs – that means companies can’t cut off service until mid-April, even if customers don’t pay their bills.  But PSC spokesperson Carrie Templeton says for that rule to apply, you must start off the season as a customer in good standing.

“If you’re already disconnected, there’s no requirement for a utility to reconnect you.  So we want to encourage customers to contact their utilities, make payment arrangements to get reconnected now before the weather gets cold.”

Templeton notes utilities are required to make payment options available to customers who can’t pay what they owe all at once. 

“Utilities are usually very willing to work with their customers to make payment arrangements, and get reconnected, and they’re required to make payment arrangements to customers.” 

Templeton notes there are also state energy assistance funds available as of this month.  The state expects more than 200,000 households will receive help with heating costs, averaging at just over $200.