Winter Utility Disconnection Moratorium To End Monday

Apr 10, 2018


Wisconsin's winter moratorium on utility disconnnections ends next Monday and a state spokesperson says customers need to make arrangements now or face the loss of heating. Public Service Commission of Wisconsin is the state regulator for utilities.

Spokesperson Matthew Spencer says early next week utilities are allowed disconnections for customers who haven't paid....

"....PSC rules prohibit utilities from disconnecting utility customers between Nov. 1 and April 15 due to the cold. That means utilities cannot shut off your heat. After April 15 utilities are not required to provide service to customers who are behind on their utility bills...."

Spencer says customers behind in their bills can find help..

. "....the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program manages low income and public benefits programs and provides financial assistance to pay energy bills for qualifying households. You can visit their website at homeenergyplus.wi. gov "

There is also a telephone number to call at 1-866-HEATWIS(432-8947).

Matt Cullen at Wisconsin Public Service says customers who have fallen behind in payments should call the utility to make arrangements for minimum payment or other options to avoid losing utility service.

Public Service Commission of Wisconsin is here. Wisconsin Public Service is here.