Wisconsin USFS Firefighters In California

Aug 5, 2015

Firefighter camp at Willow Creek California
Credit Suzanne Flory

Firefighters from Wisconsin have joined the battle against wildfires in northern California. One  detail is  near Willow Creek, California involves Suzanne Flory  from the U.S. Forest Service office based in Rhinelander.

Flory is a veteran Public Information Officer at these kinds of events and says this fire was caused by extremely dry conditions and lots of lightning last Thursday...

"....there's so many different fires going on that there are many different incident management teams on all the different complexes. The complex I'm on is called the River Complex. It's a few different fires they're managing with this team..."

She says that means about 330 personnel. She says the terrain is very steep, which prevents fire crews from easily getting on the  fire line. They're trying to protect residents and property in the area. The fire where Flory is located had burned about 3,000 acreas as of Wednesday and she says it's likely this fire will burn for awhile. She says the air settling in the mountains has helped slow the fire as the smoke isn't rising as fast, but she says that is likely to change.

She says there's resources from around the nation trying to put out the large scale fires.