Wolf River Scenic Byway Plan Moves Forward

Nov 12, 2013

A plan for a Scenic Byway in Forest County is just one step away from becoming a reality.  

A proposed scenic byway would skirt parts of the Wolf River.
Credit Royalbroil via Wikimedia Commons

The Wolf River Heritage Corridor would follow Highway 55, north from Langlade to Nelma near Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. 

The more than one hundred mile route bisects the Mole Lake Sokaogon Chippewa Community.  It also includes a loop near Three Lakes. 

Forest County Economic Development Director Jim Schuessler says getting the scenic byway designation is a rigorous process. 

“The bar is very high for a road or a route to become a scenic byway.  There are several steps and several criteria that you have to – history is important, cultural significance is important, and of course scenic beauty.”

State officials have signaled their approval for the proposal to move forward.  Schuessler says what remains is to develop a plan for marketing and signage…with the hope of appealing to travelers nationwide. 

The proposed route stretches 114 miles.
Credit Forest County Economic Development Partnership

“Because the standard is so high to be a byway, you have to have high standards for signage, to help people find their way along the byway, pointing them towards the amenities that exist along the Byway.”

Among the featured highlights would be the Kovac Planetarium in Monaco and the Forest County Potawatomi Cultural Center. 

There are six existing scenic byways in the state of Wisconsin.