WPS Looking For More Electric Power By 2019

Sep 17, 2013

An eagle by the Pulliam Power Plant in Green Bay
Credit Wisconsin Public Service

Wisconsin Public Service officials say by 2019 they will need more power for this region. The utility serving much of the Northwoods says they have two options: buy power or generate more power. And if they decide to generate more power they've narrowed down to possible sites.

WPS spokesperson Kerry Spees....


"....our analysts have done studies that by the year 2019 we'll have a need for another electric source. Part of that is due to some slow but steady growth over the period of time but also it has to do with the eventual retirement of several older coal-fired generating plants..."



Sites in Green Bay and Kaukauna have been picked. Spees says adding onto the the Weston power facility near Wausau was eliminated...


"...Weston was looked at but didn't make the cut because of a combination of issues and the availability of additional land....it was considered, as were a host of other sites, but we narrowed it down to the Pulliam plant(Green Bay) and the Fox Energy Center...(Kaukauna)..."

Spees says because of the length of time needed to permit and construct a possible plant, they are starting the process now, though buying power without building another power plant is also on the table and no final decision has been made.