WPS Seeking Upgraded Coal Dust Collection System

Jul 18, 2013

WPS power plants south of Wausau
Credit OSHA

Wisconsin Public Service has asked the state for authority to upgrade an existing on-site coal dust collection system at the utility's Weston Power Plant south of Wausau.

WPS spokesperson Kelly Zagrzebski says the upgrade will make for safer working conditions and reduce emissions..

"...it will intersect all of the plants on site...is safer (working) conditions and better for the environment..."

The original coal dust collection system was installed in 1981....

"....its a $17 million project. We anticipating(completion) in 2014 or 2015. That's pending the approval of the (state regulator) Public Service Commission of Wisconsin..."

There are four fossil-fueled electric generating units operating at the Weston Plant site, with the first unit beginning in 1954, followed by other plants in 1960, 1981, and the Weston 4 facility in 2008.