Fish advisory

Eric Engbretson / US Fish and Wildlife Service

Fish from the Sugar Camp Chain of Lakes are now safer to eat than they were a few years ago.  That’s one of the findings of the DNR’s annual review of fish consumption advisories.   

The agency also says Lake Michigan brown trout are now deemed safe to eat once a month.

Meanwhile some other waters now have more stringent fish consumption advisories.  For example Virgin Lake in Oneida County has a new exception…that discourages people from eating walleye over 22 inches.

Some people love to catch and eat lots of fish, but since the 1970’s, we’ve been warned about certain species of fish in specific waterways that may be more contaminated with poisonous substances like mercury or PCB’s.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services Researcher is Pamela Imm has been surveying men over 50 who eat fish to find out if they pay attention to fish consumption advisories provided by the state. Imm says most of them are very aware of them...