Humane Society

The Oneida County Board Wednesday evening restored $5,000 to the Oneida County Humane Society budget that was proposed to be cut. The funding restored the annual contribution by the county to $40,000. The city of Rhinelander also contributes roughly $60,000. The Humane Society runs the animal shelter, now known as the Oneida County Humane Society Adoption Center.


You can burn some shoe leather to help homeless pets in the area.

The Oneida County Humane Society is hosting the "Hike For Homeless Pets" this weekend.

Spokesperson Sue Otis says the fundraiser helps keep the Rhinelander shelter in business...


"...funds will be used for our adoption center. That's basically for our operations and the needs of the animals and to take care of them and basically to run the building. Any maintenance...just to keep the center going..."


Top fundraisers will win one of three prizes.