Oneida county tourism

Wikimedia Commons Max Wolfe

Tourism officials are concerned about the growth of the short term rental industry and one person says a number of concerns have surfaced locally.

Websites advertise available openings from property owners interested in making a few dollars in property not being used.

Kari Zambon is an owner of Holiday Acres in the town of Pelican and a member of the Oneida County Tourism Council. She says some people selling property are telling potential buyers that if they buy the property they can rent it out.

But Zambon says Oneida county has rules about short term rentals...

A Northwoods chamber of commerce leader showed the impact tourism has to Oneida county's economy during a presentation this week to the county board.

Kim Baltus from Minocqua also is president of the Oneida County Tourism Council, which is a joint effort among several communities to cross-promote the county to potential visitors. In 2012, visitors spent almost $186 million dollars here... 

"that's roughly a little over $5,000 for every man, woman and child in the county. That's a significant increase in spending over 2011..."