America Recycles Day

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With Earth Day Saturday as a backdrop, a state official says if you're going to the landfill, make sure you put electronic waste in its proper place. Electronic recycling is referred to as e-cycling.

DNR "E"-Cycle Wisconsin coordinator is Sarah Murray. She says all those electronic gadgets you have should be recycled properly...


A Wausau non-profit is collecting electronic waste in a special event this Saturday.

Good News Project in Wausau is accepting electronics Saturday morning from 9 noon at it's warehouse at 1106 5th Street in Wausau.

Good News Project Executive Director Christine Daniels talks about the items they accept...

"....we accept everything with a cord, with the exception of large appliances. We can take things like your computer, speakers, perhaps an old X-Box, coffeemaker, vacuum, We charge 40 cents a pound for those types of electronics...."

DNR: Focus on Recycling

Nov 11, 2013
Tom Morris

The DNR is reminding people to re-commit to recycling, and seek out more ways to re-use materials.  Friday is America Recycles Day nationwide. 

It’s a day that aims to call attention to how recycling is good for the environment and good for the economy. 

DNR recycling spokesperson Elisabeth Olson says around 100 million dollars of re-usable materials goes into landfills every year. 

“So often it’s your basic materials.  We’re still seeing plastics, aluminum, paper, steel.  These types of things, they’re going into our landfills.”