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A blood drive is set for Wednesday(6-13) in Elcho and a Red Cross spokesperson says the need is critical. Blood representative Marc Sutton....

"...we're going to be doing a blood drive at the Elcho Fire and Rescue building, which will be on Wednesday, June 13, from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. If anyone can come out and donate, we can definitely use it.. We have an urgent need for blood which typically happens in the summer. Every donation is needed and every donation helps...."

Sutton says the need is on-going, but donations drop in the summer...... rdelarosa0

The double whammy of cold weather and influenza are cutting into the blood donations says an American Red Cross spokesperson.

Northwoods Red Cross blood representative Marc Sutton says it has been a tough winter to collect always needed blood....

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As now tropical storm Harvey returns to land in Louisiana, the rescue and cleanup effort continues in Houston. A Red Cross official in Wausau says if you want to help, money rather than goods is the best way to help.

Wendy Savage is the Executive Director for the North Central Red Cross chapter.

She says in a situation like Harvey, money donations are best....

Wisconsin Red Cross Has Critical Blood Shortage

Jul 11, 2017
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Wisconsin News Connection is here.

The number of blood donations usually drops off during the summer months, but the American Red Cross has now issued an emergency call for eligible blood and platelet donors.

The organization is encouraging new donors to step up, and requesting that those who haven't donated for a while take an hour and donate again.

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is asking people throughout the Northwoods and the rest of Wisconsin to join the national movement on Wednesday(4/26) by donating time by becoming a volunteer, donating blood, getting trained or donating on Giving Day.

Spokesperson Barbara Behling says those donations donation can sustain life, build stronger communities and provide urgent relief such as food, blankets and other essentials to people who need it most....

The American Red Cross Chapter of North Central Wisconsin recently honored its volunteers at the Wausau Red Cross Office. Two of the volunteers honored are from the Northwoods.

Carol Miller of Rhinelander, earned the Exceptional Leadership Award, given to an individual demonstrating exceptional guidance and support for other volunteers, staff, or clients served by the Red Cross. As a regional Disaster Health Services/Staff Wellness volunteer, Carol recently accepted a leadership position for an 18-state Division. In 2016, she twice deployed out-of-state.

Seven persons have died in fires this week in Wisconsin and an American Red Cross spokesperson says it's time for everyone to check for fire hazards.

Two children in Sheboygan Falls died this week in a house fire. Another fire in Antigo injured a teenager. Several other fires have been reported in the Northwoods this winter.

American Red Cross spokesperson Barbara Behling says fires kill more people each year than tornadoes, hurricanes and lightning strikes combined. She says one of the deadly fire starters is smoking in bed...

Red Cross volunteers, fire departments and community groups are canvassing neighborhoods in  several communities, including Mosinee, to get the word out about having smoke detectors and better  fire safety in homes.
Red Cross spokesperson Barbara Behling says many people think they have more time to get out of a burning structure than they do...

"...62 percent of the people believe they have five minutes or more to escape a burning home. When in reality, and we've confirmed this with fire departments across the country, you really have less than two minutes...."

Last year across the United States there were nearly 370,000 house fires, causing more than 2,700 deaths and 12,000 injuries.

This year, the  American Red Cross helped more people affected by home fires than all other disasters combined. In Wisconsin, locally trained workers responded to help more than 3,451 people after home fires.

Spokesperson Barbara Behling  says 7 people die each day in house fires. She says most house fires are preventable....


What she saw in Arkansas was sobering.

American Red Cross Disaster Relief volunteer Carol Miller of Rhinelander has returned home after helping out in the Little Rock area earlier this month. A wave of tornados struck the south in late April, causing massive damage, deaths and injuries. Miller is a registered nurse and helped at hospitals where survivors and families relayed tragic stories...

The need for blood continues during the holidays and a Red Cross spokesperson says he hopes people respond over the next two days.

Blood Represenative Marc Sutton says donations tend to drop during the holidays...


"...people are on vacation, on holidays and traveling...we see blood donations go down a little bit....the need doesn't go down during the holiday seasons....'


Sutton points out that some people need blood, even during the holidays...


Lending a Hand in Denver, CO

Sep 19, 2013
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A Rhinelander volunteer is in Colorado with the American Red Cross.  Carol Miller is stationed at Disaster Relief Headquarters near Denver, south of where the floods have done the most damage.  

She says there are 600 volunteers on the scene with hundreds more set to arrive.  The job of Red Cross nurses is to take care of those who get sick or injured while volunteering for FEMA or other partner organizations.