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As education has become increasingly science and math oriented, a state arts leader says the arts is also a critical educational component of a child's future.

Executive Director of Arts Wisconsin, Anne Katz, says studies both here in Wisconsin and elsewhere says employers are looking for people with good ideas... Alexas_Fotos

While the arts are fun and creative, a state arts leader says the arts are also a growing component of an areas economy.

The League of Wisconsin Municipalities and Arts Wisconsin are partnering to make this Creative Economy Week. Director Anne Katz of Arts Wisconsin says this is the third year the two organizations have teamed up to shine a spotlight on the creative economy. Katz says Wisconsin's economy centers on manufacturing and agriculture and that isn't likely to change, but the future economy will have a creative component...

The arts and what the arts economy can do for Wisconsin is the focus of a one day event next week.

The annual "Arts Day" is set for March 9 in Madison. Promoters say it's day set aside for people in the arts and other endeavors who care about Wisconsin's future to gather and also meet with elected officials.

Executive Director Anne Katz from Arts Wisconsin says its a day for people from across Wisconsin to celebrate the arts in their local communities. She says they also will be trying to build momentum to invest in Wisconsin's creative economy...

Arts Advocates Gather in Madison For Arts Day Conference

Mar 10, 2015

Arts organizations from the Northwoods and around the state are headed to Madison Wednesday for a statewide arts conference. 

Arts Wisconsin Director Anne Katz says the advocacy group is gathering people in Madison for Arts Day.

‘We’ve been doing it for almost 20 years, and people come from all over the state.  They’re going to learn from each other, talk to each other, get some ideas, talk to their elected officials.”

Artists from all over Wisconsin will gather in March to remind legislators that Wisconsin has a thriving arts community.

Arts Day 2014 is set for March 12 at the new central library in Madison.

Anne Katz is Executive Director of Arts Wisconsin. She says it's the only big arts conference in Wisconsin.....


"....we have people coming from around the state to meet with their legislators. That's the main part of the day. The point is for the people to come to the capitol and tell their stories...