Cathy Stepp

The Wisconsin 9-day gun deer hunt begins on Saturday. During the 2013 hunt, there were 8 gunshot wounds,  but none proved to be fatal. DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp says while incidents are unfortunate, it's important to remember there are hundreds of thousands of hunters in the woods. She says the department has worked hard to educate hunters ....

Wisconsin DNR

She says the coming gun deer hunt in Wisconsin reflects a change in DNR policy.
DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp gave a preview of the 2014 hunt, scheduled to begin November 22 through November 30....

".....for the very first time now the people who care about the resources are at the table advising us what they are seeing in their own backyards and communities and what would they like to see when it comes to deer management. A lot of the changes are the result of all the changes in the last year and a half since the Deer Trustee Report came out...."

Wisconsin DNR

A new DNR Public Access Lands Atlas...with the acronym "PAL"... is now available online and in a printable format. The atlas highlights the significant increase in public access to Wisconsin lands made possible through the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program, as well as other lands open to the public for outdoor recreation.

The atlas contains 441 maps, two indexes, a glossary, and extensive contact information to help you connect with land managers to learn more about the properties.

On the eve of the 2013 Wisconsin gun deer hunt, WXPR's Ken Krall talked with DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp, a new deer hunter herself, about the upcoming hunt.

Stepp says they are working to have a app ready for smartphones that relates to the hunt. More information is on the DNR website.

Wisconsin DNR

DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp stopped by the Art Oemcke fish hatchery in Woodruff Friday to highlight an effort to get more young walleyes in area lakes.

The recently-passed state budget included money to enable hatcheries to keep walleye fry longer...and get them increase the number of survivable fish in the waters.