Center for Limnology

The adage 'if a little is great, then a lot must be better' has been the practice and a UW lakes scientist says that is having an impact on Northwoods water.

UW-Madison Limnologist Hilary Dugan is speaking next week at Nicolet College in Rhinelander about the use of road salt on winter roads. The talk is called "Salting Our Freshwater Lakes".

Dugan says the amount of sodium chloride...table steadily increasing in lakes.,,

Peter Arzberger

A few years ago I found myself stranded halfway up a mountain in Taiwan. I blame climate change. Well, actually, I blame my interest in what climate change means for the world’s lakes.

Let me explain.

Study Reveals Nuances of Aquatic Invasive Behavior

Nov 12, 2013
BerndH via Wikimedia Commons

We usually think of an invasive species as taking over its environment, at the expense its native counterparts.  

But a new study from the University of Wisconsin Madison’s Center for Limnology challenges that assumption.  It compiled survey data from a variety of studies on aquatic species, and finds that most of the time aquatic invasives keep a pretty low profile.  WXPR’s Natalie Jablonski sat down with Gretchen Hansen, lead author on the study.