City of Rhinelander

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Nothing has changed within the committee structure of the Rhinelander city council and it might be delayed for awhile.


There won't be in interim Rhinelander city administrator.

After the resignation of Keith Kost last month, Mayor Chris Frederickson and the city council have been debating whether to hire another interim administrator.

The city is in the process-- through a recruiting firm-- of hiring a permanent administrator. But a new administrator is likely not to be on board until mid-to-late summer. Frederickson says the recruiting firm--GOV HR-- has a number of retired administrators who were willing to come to Rhinelander short term.

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Rhinelander Mayor Chris Frederickson broke a tied vote from the city council and long-time Police and Fire Commission leader Todd McEldowney will remain on the commission.

After Frederickson nominated McEldowney for another term on the commission, some long-festering issues from the time of hiring the new police chief came into the open.

Rhinelander's interim City Administrator has turned in his resignation.

Keith Kost turned in his resignation Wednesday to Mayor Chris Frederickson. Frederickson says no reason was given on the letter as to why Kost would resign early.

A long-time Rhinelander private attorney, Kost offered to fill in as administrator, and after city council approval, began performing the duties in February, 2017. The position was left unfilled for five months after the termination of Kristina Aschenbrenner. 

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The search is on to find a replacement for Rhinelander's city administrator.

Monday evening, the council approved the hiring of a firm to do the search.

Interim administrator Keith Kost said there's two firms that generally do public administrator services in Wisconsin. One is a firm that the city has used in prior searches, Public Administrator Associates, LLC and GOV HR.

Kost recommended the second firm... pexels

The firm that gave the City of Rhinelander grim financial news about the municipally-owned Northwood Golf Club will now have the helm.

The Rhinelander City Council Monday night approved having Green Golf Partners of Indiana as the manager of the course on the city's far west side. The city put out bids after a change of leadership was approved at a recent meeting following the revelation that the golf course owes the city more than $1 million. Three bids were received.

City Administrator Keith Kost gave reasons for his recommendation...

Eagle River Council Names New Golf Professional

Dec 14, 2017
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A new golf professional, Patti Marquis, has been selected by the Eagle River city council  to manage and market their 18-hole municipal course, replacing Howard Manske  who retired.

Marquis comes from the Pacific Northwest where she has been the head professional for four different courses. In an interview, Marquis indicated she has been in the Eagle River area three or four times recently and fell in love with the area. Although she didn't play the Eagle River course, she indicated she has viewed it. Marquis was one of 14 persons who applied with three being interviewed.

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He's been active in Rhinelander city government for 53 years, but this term is his last.

Rhinelander Mayor Dick Johns has announced he's not running for another term.

Johns first was elected to the Rhinelander city council in 1964, and served on the council until he was appointed as mayor in 2005 to fill the unexpired term of Kevin Jenkins. He later was elected to the post. Johns said it was time to retire....

Northwood Golf Club

The Rhinelander Golf Course Advisory committee has followed the recommendations of a consultant and City Administrator Keith Kost to make changes at the city-owned and financially-strapped Northwood Golf Club.

The city has incurred a deficit of more than $1 million dollars from club shortfalls and is seeking a new path

. Committee members agreed to forward a recommendation by Administrator Keith Kost. He said the golf club can't keep doing what it has been doing as revenues and long-term memberships have been dropping.

Northwood Golf Club

Rhinelander's Golf Course Advisory Committee heard a first draft of a consultant's analysis of the financially-troubled Northwood Golf Club.

A recent audit showed the municipal course owed Rhinelander more than $1 million.

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A local spokesperson says there's still time to join in a two-day celebration of Rhinelander's historic past, focusing on civic groups and clubs that helped to build the city.

Rhinelander's Historic Preservation Commission has joined with the Rhinelander Masonic Lodge to have the event October 6 & 7.

Last year's Roots Celebration focused on the businesses that built the community.

Lodge spokesperson Tony Jones says this year's event at the Masonic lodge will highlight the civic clubs and groups in Rhinelander's past...

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Last year, the City of Rhinelander, through its Historic Preservation Commission, held the first Rhinelander Roots Celebration, designed to highlight businesses that helped build the city

The second celebration is set for October 6 and 7, this year in partnership with the Rhinelander Masonic Lodge #242. This year, the celebration features local clubs and civic groups. The Masonic Lodge will open its doors for this year's celebration.

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A consulting firm will look at what the City of Rhinelander should do with the money-losing city-owned Northwood Golf Club. One recommendation might be the sale of the course.

The city council Monday evening approved hiring Green Golf Partners of Indiana to recommend a course of action at the course on the city's far west side.

City Administrator Keith Kost said the firm will look at improving current management, look at third-party management and look at the possibility of selling the course. Kost said it would be completed within 60 days. Cost is $10,000.

City of Rhinelander

A grant from the Rhinelander Community Foundation has improved the docks at Hodag Park in Rhinelander.

This week the city council approved a $5,000 donation.

Parks Director Jeremy Biolo says they will slide the docks northward down the beach and put boulders along the beach to slow erosion. Biolo said there wer larger docks at the park about 10 years ago, but they got old and unsafe.

Mayor Dick Johns thanked the Foundation...


Add Walmart to the Rhinelander large retailers appealing their taxes.

Large retailers are using a legal tax loophole to challenge their property tax assessments.

The "Dark Store" loophole proponents say their store may have cost $10 million to build and maybe on a thriving retail corner, but they argue that because their building is so unique, the only thing you can use as a comparable for tax purposes is an abandoned retail store, hence 'dark store' loophole.