Don Sidlowski

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The residential facility in Rhinelander known as Taylor Park closed several months back, but the building will soon be the site of a first of its kind facility for young people with autism, education about epilepsy and a Fab Lab.

The Rhinelander Planning Commission this week gave approval for the facility InterAct Center of the Northwoods. The principals include a very well-known Northwoods name, Don Sidlowski of Three Lakes. He and April Leanna have put together a center that will take care of young people.

The Oneida County Technology Committee is seeking funding from federal and state sources…to help fuel broadband development. 

Chair Don Sidlowski says the committee is filing preliminary paperwork Friday for a grant program through the FCC, the Federal Communications Commission. 

“It turns out that all of Oneida County, with the exception of Rhinelander, qualifies and so there’s a lot of places we can look in Oneida County for the federal dollars.”