Edward U. Demmer Memorial Library

Demmer Memorial Library

Another Northwoods library is in the process of renovation. Construction at the Demmer Memorial Library in Three Lakes beginning this spring.

Library Director Erica Brewster says they have a firm ready to take on the project...

"....we have received low bids for our project. We've received a low bid awarded to Green Fire Management, LLC and we're working on a contract beginning April 1...."

Demmer Memorial Library

The upcoming construction at the Demmer library in Three Lakes has brought about some programming changes.

Andrew Johnson is Adult/Young Adult Librarian. He says they need some community volunteers to help 'foster' some books to help hold some of the collection during the renovation...

"....with a total renovation like this, we're not able to take the entire collection with us into the temporary library space. We're asking the community to get involved and they can have big check out of books of their choosing during the duration of the renovation. "

E.U.Demmer Library

The town of Three Lakes and the E.U. Demmer Library have been meeting regularly to see if a plan for a renovated town office and library can be achieved.

The most recent meeting between the groups is leaving open the idea of an advisory referendum this summer so the public can choose the best options.

E.U. Demmer Library

A large challenge grant in Three Lakes to support the E.U.Demmer Memorial Library's building fund resulted in all the money being matched and they went over goal, but they're not done yet.

The library is in the process of fundraising as part of a general building renovation with the next door town offices. Library Director Erica Brewster says an anonymous donor late last year announced a $10,000 challenge if they could raise matching money by the end of January...

Demmer Memorial Library

Funding cutbacks at the Internal Revenue Service mean fewer  tax documents at one local library.

E.U. Demmer Director Erica Brewster says the IRS has informed them fewer tax forms will be available at the library....

"....we're only going to have Forms 1040, 1040A, and 1040 EZ supplied by the IRS to us. So if you're in need of the instruction booklet, or any of the schedules or any other forms those will not be supplied to libraries...."

Three Lakes' Story Hour Celebrates 50 Years

Nov 25, 2014
Emily Bright

Parents and children gathered in Three Lakes Tuesday…to mark fifty years of reading stories out loud at the library.  

Demmer Library in Three Lakes celebrated the 50th anniversary of its Story Hour yesterday.

In 1964, there was no kindergarten program in the public schools. Barbara Holtz and Virginia Javenkoski started Story Hour help teach young children the social skills they’d need for school. Mrs. Holtz recalls the Three Lakes’ town board’s response to starting a Story Hour:

Three Lakes Gives Green Light to Library Expansion

Jun 6, 2013

The Three Lakes town board has unanimously approved a proposal to expand the local library. The board of trustees has been planning the renovation for more than three years. 

The plan for renovating and expanding the Edward U. Demmer Memorial Library includes a 4000 square foot addition.  Board President Vicki Ruehling says the extra space is badly needed, and points to a 20 percent increase in the number of library visits last year.