What hasĀ  been called the most controversial Presidential campaign in modern history comes to a close today as Americans go to the polls.

We will be electing a new President and Vice-President, one member of the Wisconsin delegation to the U.S. Senate, members of Congress, state representatives and a state senate race. County races are also being decided, though few incumbents in the area are facing opposition.


One Northwoods county clerk doesn't think there will be a very big turnout today as Wisconsin holds a partisan primary election today.

Oneida County Clerk Mary Bartelt says interest by the public hasn't been overwhelming...

"....I think our turnout is going to be small. I would say maybe 20-25 percent. I just have that feeling. There hasn't been a lot of absentee(ballots) ask for...so that is what I'm projecting..."


Three Oneida county board races were close after the April 1 vote, but after an official canvas, all three races stayed the same.

County Clerk Mary Bartelt gave us the results...

"....supervisory district 7, that stayed the same. Bob Mott with 186, and Dennis Schoeneck with 180. District 16, that stayed the same also. Michael Timmons with 111 and Michael Pockat with 107. Supervisor district 18, that was Lance Krolczyk and Candy Sorenson, it's 127 for Lance, and 122 for Candy Sorenson..."