Major Wisconsin Energy Merger

Jun 29, 2015

The merger of two Wisconsin Energy companies today has formed a Fortune 400, with hopes to enter that top 300 list soon. As of today, Wisconsin Public Service Corporation of Green Bay has partnered with Milwaukee-based We Energies. They’ve acquired four natural gas utilities in Minnesota, Michigan and Illinois. The result is W-E-C Energy, but spokesperson Brian Manthey says your bill won’t look any different. "There won’t be any change on the utility bill, won’t be any changes in terms of who they deal with for their utility," says Manthey.

Propane Supply Under Pressure

Jan 7, 2014

With the cold winter we’ve been having, those heating with propane may be wincing at the cost of filling a tank.  Prices this winter are up more than 60 cents since this time last year.

A gallon of propane in Wisconsin right now costs an average of $2.15, according to the US Energy Information Administration.  Last January, that price was closer to a dollar fifty.