Focus On Energy

Wisconsin Public Service customers soon will have the chance to help lower their energy imprint for free or low cost.

WPS spokesperson Leah Van Zile says the Simple Energy Efficiency program notice should be arriving in your mail....

"....we are offering our customers a chance to get free energy efficiency products to install in their home and they can choose which pack works best for them...."

As part of finding funding to continue the Focus on Energy program, the state has authorized money to develop new rural programs that include expanding faster Internet in rural areas. The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin authorized the additional money to help get more services to rural Wisconsin.

PSC spokesperson Elise Nelson says the problem is getting the program to rural residents..

2014 begins the next "phase" of slowly eliminating incandescent light bulbs.

A new federal law ends the production of 60 and 40 watt bulbs. A prior law already has banned the production of 100 and 75 watt bulbs.

The federal government wants consumers to move to the more energy efficient halogen or compact flourescent bulbs.