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A long-time Northwoods naturalist and author is hoping people who enjoy old growth forests will help him out with his next project.

John Bates of Mercer has penned Our Living Ancestors: The History and Ecology of Old-Growth Forests in Wisconsin (and where to find them). The book will be self-published and is about 340 pages, full color, with over 200 maps, photos, and graphics. The first chapter provides a history of old-growth and why almost all of the forests were cut.

Ken Krall talked with John Bates about the project...

Science On Tap Minocqua

Long time state Forester Paul DeLong is the next guest of the ongoing series "Science on Tap" in Minocqua.

DeLong is at the American Forest Foundation and American Tree Farm System where he leads a team engaging family woodland owners in stewardship. Prior to his current position, DeLong was with the DNR for 24 years, 13 as state Forester.

He says there has been much attention to publically owned forest land but there's far more to the story...

Partners In Forestry Landowner Cooperative

A little-known provision of the pending budget bill has caused concern with a northern Wisconsin legislator and a Northwoods forestry group.

Governor Walker's proposed budget eliminates the Forestry Mill Tax and replaces it with general purpose revenue. The tax currently generates about $80 million dollars. It's about $27 for an average homeowner.

The tax was authorized in 1924 to support broad-based forestry programs after the 'cut-over' time to restore Wisconsin's forests. It is the only state-based property tax.

Tinker Air Force Base

Friday(4/28) is Arbor Day, a day set aside to appreciate the many things trees provide us in our lives.

The state designates this week as Forest Appreciation Week as a lead up to Friday's Arbor Day observance. Jeff Roe is the DNR's urban forestry team leader. In honor of Arbor Day, the Division of Forestry donated 33,000 tree seedlings to Wisconsin fourth-grade classrooms to help young people learn about the important role trees play in Wisconsin's natural beauty and economy. Roe says events are going on around the state.

VC Board To Consider County Forest Certification

Feb 3, 2017

A split 3-1 vote the Vilas County Forestry committee will send a resolution to the county board to have the 40,000 acre county forest certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to help expand markets for forest products, primarily softwoods, thereby allowing more opportunities for local loggers.

"Only two mills take certified softwoods and they are asking us to do this," county forest administrator John Gagnon  said. "Right now we have pine cut and decked and can't sell it."

The Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin recently disbursed more than $47,000 to projects that protect Wisconsin’s birds throughout the course of their lifecycle.

The Bird Protection Fund supports nine projects that are priorities of the state’s leading bird conservation organizations.

The Foundation's Executive Director Ruth Oppedahl says birds serve as indicators of ecological health, so tracking changes in their populations informs researchers about other changes in the environment...

A Look At How Forest Ownership Impacts Conservation Tools

Jun 8, 2015
Submitted photo

A talk this week will focus on forest ownership and conservation.


Adena Rissman is on the faculty in UW Madison, studying relationships between people and natural resources.


She says major changes in public and private land ownership patterns have shaped forest conservation.