Frozen Road Law


Wisconsin's frozen road law took effect today in roughly the northern half of the state.

The declaration applies to all numbered state and federal highways. The law does not apply to Interstate highways except to portions of I-39 and I-41.

The frozen road law allows heavier loads for trucks carrying peeled or unpeeled forest products cut crosswise (not including wood chips), and salt and sand for winter maintenance until approximately early March.

This winter season's longer-than-normal warm temperatures delayed an important date for people hauling heavy loads on state roads, but the cold weather has come. That cold weather means Wisconsin's Frozen Road Law is in effect, beginning 1/15/2015.

The DOT's Mike Sproul says the area includes US 8 along with numbered state and federal highways north of US 8..

MI Allows Heavier Log Loads from WI

Dec 11, 2014

It’s now a little easier for Wisconsin log haulers to cross the Michigan border. 

Michigan transportation officials will now issue permits to allow 98,000 pound loads on six axles…where they previously only allowed gross weights of 90,000 pounds on five axles.

DOT Permitting Chief Kathleen Nichols says it expands the season for log hauling. 

Frozen Road Law Takes Effect Saturday, Earlier Than Ever

Dec 5, 2014
Wis. Dept. of Transporation

Colder than normal weather will enable log and forest product haulers to move heavier loads sooner.

Wisconsin's frozen road law takes effect Saturday in the northern part of Wisconsin.  That area includes Highway 8 along with numbered state and federal highways north of US 8.

Department of Transportation Permit Chief Kathleen Nichols says the declaration is happening much earlier than usual. 

Oregon Department of Transportation


Though temperatures have been cold, it's still several days before Wisconsin's Frozen Road Law will kick in. That word from the D.O.T.... but a new way of looking at hat roads are covered under the law has been announced.

The D.O.T.'s Mike Sproul says they've worked with the trucking industry to establish new boundaries for four of the state’s five frost zones....