Gas prices are stable....for now...but an industry spokesperson says it's likely we're likely to see more price hikes until Memorial Day.

Patrick DeHaan of the website says refinery maintenance shutdowns and lower outputs have put the pressure on prices.... 

"....Don't be fooled. There may be more price increases coming in the weeks ahead as refineries finish seasonal maintenance and we continue transitioning to summer gasoline...." skitterphoto

The days of falling  gas prices appear to be over. If you've noticed pump prices rising of late, a gas industry analyst says blame OPEC, and it's not going to change any time soon.

Patrick DeHaan of the website gasbuddy. com says this price rise is because of the price of oil... skitterphoto

It looks like our gas prices are going to stay above the prices paid in much of the rest of the country.

That word from a leading gas price watchdog website, gas buddy dot com While prices have remained lower than they were several years ago, prices shot up prior to the Christmas holiday.

Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan says some regional refinery issues are to blame....

After the loss of gas refinery production due to Hurricane Harvey, production has slowly come back on line and gas prices are falling.

That's the word from Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan at the website

"....gas prices continue to move down. We've seen the national average go down for the fifth consecutive week and that's what we're seeing across much of the Midwest....seeing prices continue to move down after Hurricane Harvey...."


It's the peak of summer in the Northwoods and traditionally, gas prices should be at their highest. Not this year and probably not for the forseeable future says a gas price expert.

Senior Petroleum Analyst for the gas price watchdog website gas buddy dot com(, Patrick DeHaan tells us the latest prices...

"...statewide, gas prices are up just slightly in the last week across Wisconsin. Prices bottomed out right around July 4 slightly higher than $2.22 a gallon. Today the average is about $2.23 so not a huge increase...."

All spring gas prices were nudging upward but that has changed.

A spokesperson for the gas price watchdog website says we have a shot at reaching historic gas prices this summer.

Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan refreshes our gas pump memories...

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You can probably afford to go to relatives  Thanksgiving celebrations a little easier this year.

Gas prices are likely to continue falling through November. That word from Senior Petroleum Analyst for the website, Patrick DeHaan. He says the price of crude oil has declined from $52 a barrel recently to $45 and gas prices often follow the decline in crude prices. The falling prices reflect a report that OPEC might not be cutting production in the near future.

DeHaan says another November trend should be analyzed....

Looks like gas prices are inching up as we approach Labor Day, and the cause comes from the Middle East.

The website gas keeps an eye on gas price trends. Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan says two oil producing countries are causing the markets to get the jitters....

"....gas prices have been inching up as prices have risen about 20 percent in the last three weeks. Gas prices now rising in tandem. It's likely that could continue for the next week as we approach Labor Day weekend...."

A study by the website found in some areas of the country, driving just a few miles could mean a wide variance in gas prices. In Wisconsin, not so much.

Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan says they found some of the widest gaps between cheaper and more expensive gas in California. He says there, motorists could save by just driving a few miles to a cheaper station. But in Wisconsin, DeHaan says prices tend to be closer...


A meeting in a far away place soon could have an impact on Northwoods gas prices.

The joy of much lower gas prices has started to fade as prices at the pump have pushed past $2.00 a gallon in the Northwoods.

Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan from the website  says two anticipated factors are in play: the switchover to costlier and cleaner summer blend gasoline and expected refinery maintenance. But a third factor is causing the quick hike and that's the rise in the price of a barrel of oil caused by foreign nations...

Take notice of the price of gas as an analyst says prices might dip a little lower, but will rise again in a few weeks.

The average price in Wisconsin is in the mid-$1.50 range. Senior Petroleum analyst for the website, Patrick DeHaan,  says we thought the price one year ago at $2.20 was a good deal. The Midwest has some the lowest prices in the country, thanks to ample supply. DeHaan says the trend will continue for awhile, making what amounts to a sale price before the refineries stop producing winter time fuel and switch to a summer blend...

You knew it was too good to last. Gas prices are expected to rise sharply in the next few days after a Midwest refinery ran into problems.

Patrick DeHaan is a Senior Petroleum Analyst from the gas watchdog website He says a problem arose in Indiana...

"....the region's largest refinery, the BP Refinery in Whiting, Indiana went down unexpectedly on Saturday, one of its largest units shut down. That unit close to half the capacity of that refinery. It may be shut down for a week or two....."

An industry analyst says the petroleum market threw a "temper tantrum" last week, and as a result summer time gas prices went up sharply.

While prices are prone to rise during the summer travel season, Patrick DeHaan from the website reports a federal report sparked a furor...

"....prices really accelerated late last week. That was after the government's weekly report came out Wednesday highlighting a large decrease in crude oil inventories...."

Like the thermometer that rises each summer, gas prices are starting to head upward after being near $2.00 a gallon this past winter.

Senior Petroleum Analyst for the website  Patrick DeHaan,  says refinery problems helped trigger high prices....

"....Exxon-Mobil's Joliet refinery suffering from undisclosed issues and that caused wholesale prices to go up. We've also seen the price of crude oil bumping back up close to 2015 highs and that's influencing gas prices as well...."

The pleasure of $2.00 a gallon gasoline has left and an energy specialist thinks prices will be going up sharply in the next few days.

Wisconsin's price is at $2.29 up about two cents from last week, and with wholesale prices going up, prices are expected to go up at least another nickel in the next week.

Patrick DeHaan from the website gasbuddy. com says even though there's plenty of oil in the U.S., refineries are providing a type of bottleneck...