Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association

While most of the bill resolved issues concerning farming, food programs, subsidies and crop insurance, the recently-signed federal Farm Bill also affected the nation's forest industry.

Executive Director of the Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association...Henry Schienebeck says it clarifies some issues concerning federal forests. There was a question concerning whether loggers would need to file for permits for non-point pollution run-off on forest roads. He says that's not part of the bill...

A $600,000 state grant will enable a study as to why Wisconsin's forest products industry is declining while at the same time the number of trees has grown.

The Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association...headquartered in Rhinelander...and the Wisconsin County Forests Association are administering the grant. The funding came from an amendment put into the state budget by State Senator Tom Tiffany.


Timber Industry Vies For Lawmaker Attention

Oct 7, 2013
Heikki Valve

Northern timber workers are heading to the capitol Wednesday, hoping to remind lawmakers of the importance of their industry.  

Advocacy group Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association is organizing the trip.  Director Henry Schoenebeck says the group plans to bus 150 people to Madison and park several logging trucks around the capitol. They’ll even bring along special virtual reality machine called a harvester operator simulator, that mimics the experience of cutting down a tree. 

Timber Industry to Hold Forth on Federal Policy

Oct 4, 2013

Members of the forest products industry are testifying on federal policies that affect them.  Great Lakes Timber Professionals has organized a hearing that runs all day Friday and Saturday.  The group’s Director Henry Shienebeck says the aim is to collect testimony to submit to Congress. 

“Really for our association it’s about how do we get a combined message to Washington that says, this is what happens when you do rules and regulations without completely understanding and taking the local economy into account when you do this.”