high-capacity wells

DNR Sued Over High Capacity Wells

Nov 14, 2016
Clean Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. - The increase in the number of high-capacity wells across the state, particularly in Central Wisconsin, is draining lakes, threatening the state's outstanding trout streams and impacting private wells, according to Clean Wisconsin, the state's largest environmental group.

Clean Wisconsin recently filed nine lawsuits against the state's Department of Natural Resources demanding the agency review the effects of these wells on nearby bodies of water.

High Capacity Wells Bill Moves to Senate

Nov 11, 2013
John Poyser

A bill changing the approval process for high capacity wells has passed a Senate committee.  Some environmental groups are up in arms.  

 The bill limits the DNR’s powers in reviewing commercial wells that pump over 100,000 gallons per day.  For example a property with a well on it could be sold without having to get a new well permit.  And applications not acted upon within 65 days would get approved by default.