Human Service Center

Human Service Center

A $1 million shortfall in the Human Service Center budget will be covered by reserves, but leaders say they will work to find a long-term solution to a budget shortfall.

The Center is located in Rhinelander and provides citizens of Forest, Oneida, and Vilas Counties with chemical dependency, developmental disabilities, and mental health services. The center is a collaboration of the three counties.

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A program offered by the Human Service Center located in Rhinelander has shown significant reductions in people arrested for repeat drunk driving.

Heavy drinkers leave biological marks in places like fingernails and blood. Drivers repeatedly arrested for drunk driving have had samples taken where their alcohol use is monitored in an effort to work with clients and adjust their treatment options.

A consultant has been hired to help the three-county Human Service Center develop outcome-based contracts for local counseling providers.

Board President Bill Korrer said Center staff contacted the three partner counties about getting a pay hike for providers, something Korrer says hadn't been done for a long time...


"....we've had the rates frozen for a number of years now, and a lot of the smaller providers haven't had the luxury of a rate increase...."