ice castle

Eagle River Fire Department

One of year's top Northwoods attractions gets built this week literally from the ground up as the next construction of the Eagle River Ice Castle likely begins on Tuesday

. Fire Chief Michael Anderson says he thinks there will be the required 12 inches of ice on Silver Lake by Tuesday....

Eagle River Chamber of Commerce

It looks like Mother Nature is cooperating and the Ice Castle is a go in Eagle River.

Led by the Eagle River Fire Department and volunteers, weather permitting, the castle is built out of blocks of ice from Silver Lake. The castle is assembled near the historic Railroad Depot downtown.

Fire Chief Michael Anderson says they need about a foot of solid ice before they proceed.

He says they have about 11 inches, and with the cold snap this week, they should be ready to go next week....

Eagle River Chamber of Commerce

Mother Nature has again put an end to the Eagle River Ice Castle.

The Ice Castle is constructed each year by the Eagle River Fire Department. They take 3000 blocks of ice from Silver Lake and construct the attraction in downtown Eagle River.

But Fire Chief Pat Weber says even with the recent cold weather, it doesn't look favorable to  safely get the ice from Silver Lake. He says the weather has alternated between warm and cold but an inspection this week didn't result favorably...

Ice Castle Rises Again After Two-Year Hiatus

Jan 2, 2014
Eagle River Fire Department

Eagle River’s legendary ice castle has been built once again by the area fire department.  

The design is new every year, but the method isn’t:  Eagle River deputy fire chief Jim Bonson says the ice harvesting saws and other tools date back more than 80 years.   

 “We’ve been doing it since 1933 as a community and it just has become a tradition.  When we don’t have it, like the last two years due to weather conditions, people get excited when all of a sudden it appears.”