Indian mascots

Wisconsin Indian Education Association

The Wisconsin Indian Education Association is joining in with other groups for a National Day of Action Friday to eliminate race-based nicknames, logos and mascots from public schools. Since a law was passed in 1989 to present accurate information about Native Americans in state schools, 35 school districts have changed their mascots from Indian-based themes.

Barbara Munson is a member of the Oneida Nation and is chair of the Wisconsin Indian Education Association Indian Mascot and Logo Taskforce.

Mascot Bill Could Strain State-Tribal Relations

Nov 6, 2013

The Lac du Flambeau tribe of Ojibwe is urging Governor Scott Walker not to sign a bill making it harder to change race-based school mascots.  The Republican-backed legislation has passed the Assembly and the Senate.  The new rules would require a petition of signatures and proof of discrimination before a school mascot can be changed.  

Current law has it the other way around – a school must prove its mascot isn’t discriminatory. 

Lac du Flambeau spokesman Brandon Thoms says the proposed rule changes encourage destructive stereotypes of Native people.

Lawmakers OK Changes to Indian Mascot Rules

Oct 16, 2013

Lawmakers in the Assembly passed a bill making it harder to force schools to drop Indian nicknames and mascots. 

The bill puts the burden of proof onto the group complaining of discrimination: instead of making the school prove it isn’t discriminating.  The Republican legislation also requires signatures totaling 10 percent of the student body, instead of letting an individual file a complaint. 

Supporters say it makes the process more fair.  Opponents call it discrimination.