Jeff Dauterman

A DNR recreation warden says there's a disconnect by some members of the public between driving drunk on the roads and driving a watercraft while intoxicated. This weekend, law enforcement will be out to hammer home that there is no difference.

Friday through Sunday is the national Operation Dry Water campaign. Warden Jeff Dauterman in Antigo says alcohol is a major contributing factor in most serious recreational crashes. But he says people are aware of driving drunk on the roads, but don't carry that thought to the water...

The ice recently left the lakes and rivers and next weekend is the opening of fishing in Wisconsin. A DNR recreational safety warden hopes people heading out onto the water think about the cold water.

Warden Jeff Dauterman in Antigo says there is a simple way to protect yourself should you go overboard...

"...the life jacket is the big thing and not just having it available. You really need to have it on. People don't last if they have a sudden immersion into cold water. Many times you witness people who come up once then go down...."

Beware the Perils of Thin Ice

Dec 3, 2013
Joisey Shawaa

Intrepid ice fishermen are already hitting the frozen lakes.  But unstable conditions can make it dangerous. 

Antigo DNR Recreational safety warden Jeff Dauterman says ice thickness can vary even within the same lake…and visual checks are not reliable. 

“You got ice out there, once there’s some snow on it you don’t know if it’s once inch thick or two feet thick.  It can vary that much within a single lake. So you’ve always got to remain cautious.”