Jeff Mursau

Wisconsin’s Managed Forest Law is a landowner incentive program that encourages sustainable forestry on private woodlands in Wisconsin.

Two legislative committees are taking input on proposed changes to the law that one sponsor says makes it friendlier for the landowner to participate.

Last week State Senator Tom Tiffany held a hearing in Antigo on the changes. In the Assembly, Represenative Jeff Mursau of Crivitz says the proposed changes alleviate concerns from local timber production facilities that more wood is available...

A  bill that the sponsor says will help rural ambulance services is one step closer to a vote in Madison.

Representative Jeff Mursau says his bill would change the regulations required for volunteer ambulance services across Wisconsin. He says he's spoken with emergency medical service providers in lightly-populated areas and they are struggling to keep service going....

"....they said one thing that would really help is instead of having two EMT's in a squad to transport, to be able to switch that to one EMT and one emergency responder...."

Jason Woodhead

Families and individuals struggling to pay high heat bills may be able to get help.  Northwoods state lawmakers stopped in Rhinelander today to spread the word about the nonprofit Keep Wisconsin Warm fund.

That program has expanded its income limits to 80 percent of the state median income…to try and help more working households who may be feeling the pinch. 

Senator Tom Tiffany, and Representatives Rob Swearingin, Jeff Mursau and Mary Czaja each donated a hundred dollars to the fund.  Tiffany noted donations can be routed to aid whichever county you choose.

State Senator Tom Tiffany of Hazelhurst and three Northwoods members of the Assembly are hosting listening sessions October 28 through the 30th.

Tiffany will be joining Rob Swearingen, Jeff Mursau and Mary Czaja.

Tiffany says the 12th Senate District is among the largest geographically in the state with a diverse set of issues.