Kyla Waksmonski

Local Schools to Celebrate Bike and Walk to School Day

Oct 5, 2015

  Northwoods Linking Education, Activity and Nutrition has partnered with schools in Oneida and Vilas counties to help celebrate Bike and Walk to School day Wednesday. Community Health Specialist Kyla Waksmonski says it’s an event encouraging students to find a healthy alternative way to get to school.

Northwoods LEAN to Promote Gardens, Produce at School

Aug 25, 2014

Oneida and Vilas Counties are looking to school gardens to improve community health.

The chronic disease prevention coalition called Northwoods LEAN has a new $400,000 grant from the UW School of Medicine Partnership program.  It supports a variety of community health initiatives including a push to expose kids to eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Oneida County Community Health Specialist Kyla Waksmonski says the coalition plans to have a broad reach. 

A Northwoods health coalition is putting the spotlight on health equity next week, through a discussion with an expert on health in Native American communities.

Health equity tries to measure the quality of healthcare that different populations receive. 

Oneida County Community Health Specialist Kyla Waksmonski explains that health inequity is evident when certain demographics are less healthy than others.

“The ideal situation is that everyone, regardless of demographics – poverty, education status –that we all have similar health outcomes.” 

In February, Remember Your Heart

Feb 24, 2014
John Morgan

Valentine’s Day may be over but there are still plenty of ways to take care of your heart.

February is Heart Health Month.

Oneida County Public Health Department is encouraging people of all ages to try and reduce risk factors for heart disease. 

Community health specialist Kyla Waksmonski  says behavior changes include daily exercise, healthy eating and limiting alcohol use.  Quitting smoking can also cut your risk of heart disease.