Anna Catlin

The Vulcan Steam Train in Laona celebrated it’s 100th birthday last weekend. Anna Catlin experienced first hand the Camp 5 Museum and the Vulcan in all it’s glory. She spoke to visitors and president of the Camp 5 Museum Foundation, Cate Dellin.



Anna Catlin

  The Camp 5 Museum in Laona Wisconsin celebrated the 100th birthday of their Vulcan steam engine this past week. The engine was bought in 1926 to be used for logging in Laona, but is now used to haul visitors to and from the Camp 5 Museum complex. President of the Camp 5 Museum Foundation, Cate Dellin says there’s a lot of hard work involved in keeping the steam engine running.





State foresters are set to begin a three-year timber management project in the Laona School Forest.  DNR officials and Laona students gathered Wednesday to kick off the project. 

DNR Forestry Supervisor Craig Williams says the project will benefit forest health. He says some of the trees in the oldest school forest in the country are aging, and are being affected by invasive buckthorn.