Libertarian Party

Phillip Anderson For U.S. Senate

He's running for the U.S. Senate from Wisconsin and his last name isn't Johnson or Feingold.

Phillip Anderson is the Libertarian Party's candidate. Anderson is a business owner from Fitchburg near Madison. Anderson says the other Senate candidates have become part of machine politics in Washington, D.C.

He follows the Libertarian philosophy of preventing war by bringing troops home. He says the need for the troops isn't about defense...

A Rhinelander man is the state Libertarian Party chairman. They launched a campaign today in Madison to provide a political alternative.

Paul Ehlers ran in 2012 for the state 12 District Senate seat. In the role as state Libertarian Party chair he says they're reaching out to many groups who have felt ...what he the heavy hand of government... ... called the "Liberty Coalition"...