Lincoln Hills

Department of Corrections

Governor Scott Walker says he thinks there's a possibility that the jobs currently at Lincoln Hills correctional facility in Lincoln county will stay there during the upcoming transition of facilities, and possibly increase.

Call To Be "Tough On Drugs" Could Lead To Mass Incarceration

Dec 29, 2017

WASHINGTON - Citing an increase in gang related homicides, President Donald Trump and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions vow to return the nation to stiffer penalties for drug offenses. But an expert on mass incarceration says the nation has already seen its jail and prison populations triple in the last three decades.

Wisconsin Democrat: Time For Prison Reform Is Now

Dec 19, 2017
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Wisconsin News Connection is here.

MILWAUKEE - Wisconsin sends more people to prison than any neighboring state and twice as many as Minnesota. The cost of keeping one person in prison in Wisconsin for one year, according to the state Department of Corrections, is close to $30,000. Wisconsin's adult prison system is designed to house 16,560 inmates, but right now it's holding more than 23,000 people.

Legislator Proposes New Use For Lincoln Hills

Nov 30, 2017
Wisconsin Dept. of Corrections

A state lawmaker urges colleagues of both parties to consider prison reforms that could take pressure off the troubled Lincoln Hills juvenile facility at Irma.

Milwaukee Assembly Democrat Evan Goyke proposed bills to turn Lincoln Hills into an adult treatment center -- move the juvenile Lincoln Hills inmates to up to ten smaller facilities around the state -- cut parole revocations for rule violations that are not criminal -- and bring back early release dates for prisoners who complete schooling and treatment programs