Ministry St. Mary's Hospital

The James Beck Cancer Center at Ministry Saint Mary’s Hospital in Rhinelander will host its 10th Annual Celebration of Life – “Capturing Moments” this Thursday.

The Celebration of Life honors patients battling or have battled cancer, for their strength and courage and to recognize the contributions of their families and friends. It also promotes awareness that knowledge, hope and inspiration can help beat the impact of cancer.

Matt Thompson-Ministry Health Care

Pedestrians and staff now have an additional stretch of walking or biking trail to get to Ministry-St. Mary's Hospital in Rhinelander.

They also have a spot to rest. Pete and Jackie Cody of Rhinelander donated a bench along a segment of recently blacktopped pathway from the Highway 17 bypass intersection to the parking lot at the hospital. The bench was donated in the name of Oneida County Biking and Walking Trails Council. Jackie Cody said they had been talking with Ministry St. Mary's officials who are remodeling parts of the campus...


As part of renovations going on at Ministry St. Mary's Hospital and Ministry Medical Group Clinic in Rhinelander, a walking and biking path is being built to connect with other trails.

Hospital President Sandy Anderson says the pathway is part of on-going construction and will join up with pathways provided by the Oneida County Biking and Walking Trails Council...

" people who want to walk to the hospital or may want to walk or promote health and wellness or bike would be able to use that path and avoid vehicle traffic...."

Volunteers at Ministry Saint Mary’s Hospital in Rhinelander have donated $25,000 to the hospital foundation and one of its programs. 

Jesse Bolder of the Saint Mary’s Foundation says past donations have helped fund projects like a machine that regulates CPR. 

“And allows the paramedics and the staff to be able to focus on the other needs of somebody that has a heart failure situation.  They’ve provided robes for the radiology department and the cancer center.”

An event this weekend benefits Ministry Home Care-Hospice program.

Volunteer community outreach coordinator Melissa Houg says the Seventh Annual "Christmas From the Heart" is Saturday at Ministry-Saint Mary's Hospital in Rhinelander. She says the fundraiser helps people who either don't have insurance or are underinsured and need help paying for care at the end of life...