Exposure to some insecticides has been shown to decrease children’s cognitive ability. That’s according to a new study published in the journal Environment International.

Pyrethroids are a family of insecticides used in agriculture and veterinary sectors, and  found in lice shampoo and mosquito products. Pyrethroids have generally been considered effective and safer than alternatives. They're  stored in ground-level dust, and can get into  the digestive system, such as when children put their hands to mouth.

Mosquito Madness, Even in Autumn?

Sep 22, 2013
E. A. Goeldi

Despite several nights of frost in the past week, some Northern Wisconsin residents are still plagued by the telltale buzz of mosquitoes.  How does a mosquito survive in cold temperatures?

Common knowledge holds that once nighttime temperatures dip into the 30s, mosquito populations drop off.  But that didn’t seem to be happening last week.  Susan Paskewitz, a mosquito expert at the University of Wisconsin Madison, says it’s possible most of the still-active mosquitoes are newly formed.

West Nile Turns Up in Oneida Co.

Jul 18, 2013
Karunakar Rayker

Oneida County health officials have detected West Nile virus in a dead crow.  It’s the virus’s first appearance in the county this year.  

  Health director Linda Conlon says officials have regularly found the virus in previous years, and it’s a sign that residents should try to limit exposure to mosquito bites.

“So what that means is the residents of Oneida county need to use more precaution when they’re outside and make sure that they utilize protective measures to prevent mosquito bites.”