Never Forgotten Honor Flight

Never Forgotten Honor Flight

86 veterans have departed on the next Never Forgotten Honor Flight to Washington, D.C.

The flight took off this morning from Central Wisconsin Airport to take veterans from World War II and the Korean and Vietnam conflicts to see the memorials to those wars and other related sights.

Flight Co-Founder Jim Campbell says this is the 27th Never Forgotten Honor Flight to leave central Wisconsin....

Never Forgotten Honor Flight

The Never Forgotten Honor Flight hub based in Wausau has flown nearly 2,400 veterans of World War II, Korea and Vietnam to Washington, D.C. to see the memorials to their conflicts. Due to achieving a safety mark, Wisconsin Public Service has donated $2,500 to keep the flights going.

Wisconsin Public Service spokesperson Matt Cullen says two Honor Flight organizations benefited...

Rick Latoff / American Battle Monuments Commission.

The next Never Forgotten Honor Flight leaves Central Wisconsin Airport next Monday morning for a day-long journey to Washington, D.C.

13 World War II veterans, 54 Korean War veterans and 28 Vietnam veterans will be joined by 55 guardians.

The Never Forgotten Honor Flight organization flies veterans from Oneida, Vilas, Iron Langlade, Lincoln, Price and six other counties to the nation's capitol to see the memorials for each of the wars and other sites at no charge to veterans.

In the past five years, the Wisconsin Never Forgotten Honor Flight has taken nearly 2,100 veterans to see the memorials and other sites in Washington, D.C.

The next flight leaves Monday with 16 World War Two, 39 Korean War, and 39 Vietnam War veterans on the flight. The flight provides a one-day trip for veterans and caregivers. Co-Founder Jim Campbell says as the 23 flight leaves next week, the composition of veterans changes...

New TSA Rules Help Honor Flight Attendees

Dec 18, 2014

Veterans participating in the Never Forgotten Honor Flight trips will have fewer airport hassles during their memorial viewing mission, thanks to something included in the spending bill passed recently by Congress and signed by the President this week.

The Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, instituted security checks after the
9-11 attacks that are physically challenging for many elderly or disabled people, such
as removing belts, shoes, and going through pat-downs before boarding airplanes.

Almost a hundred veterans are departing from Central Wisconsin Airport Monday on an Honor Flight.

As North Central Wisconsin Honor Flight Co-founder Jim Campbell says, the one-day trip to DC starts before dawn.

“Monday morning at 0-dark thirty, they head out to the airport.  Most of the veterans are there by 0500.  And we launch out around 7 o’clock in the morning.” 


The next flight of veterans being taken to Washington, D.C. to see the monuments to their military service leaves Monday morning from Central Wisconsin Airport in Mosinee.

The Never Forgotten Honor Flights program flies veterans and caregivers to Washington, D.C. for a one-day experience.

Co-founder Jim Campbell says this is the 15th Never Forgotten Honor Flight....

" date, we have taken 1, 314 veterans on Monday(4/14) we have 85 veterans from World War II, Korea and a Viet Nam vet..."

Expert Infantry

One group that had a close eye on the federal government shutdown was the Never Forgotten Honor Flight organization. The group flies northern and central Wisconsin veterans to their service memorials in Washington, D.C. 

The government shutdown halted federal workers from helping at the sites. Co-Founder Jim Campbell says they were going to fly the mostly Korean War vets to the nation's capitol even if the shutdown dragged on. With the government back up and running, the flight will proceed as planned.

Campbell spoke with Ken Krall about next Monday's flight.