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Northland Pines Asks State For Earlier Start Date

Dec 20, 2016
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Pointing to local control, the Northland Pines school board Monday night approved sending a resolution to the Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction (DPI) "officially requesting approval to commence the school term prior to Sept. 1 . . . in determining the school calendar."

District administrator Mike Richie told the board he was not ready to recommend going against the state law that mandates local school districts to start classes on Sept. 1 or later. "I'm not willing to put the district in jeopardy that we would be breaking the law," Richie said.

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Northland Pines School District in Eagle River will likely welcome international students on campus beginning next fall.

The Wisconsin International Student Program (WISP) is a partnership between Northland Pines School District, Nicolet College and the University of Wisconsin System.

Northland Pines School District

After months of discussion the Eagle River city council Thursday formally annexed the Northland Pines school district property along Pleasure Island Road into the city adding about 80 acres from the town of Lincoln.

Northland Pines To Vote On School Start Date Waiver

Nov 30, 2016
Northland Pines School District

The Northland Pines school board appears ready to develop a request for a waiver from the state Dept. of Public Instruction (DPI) to start school earlier than September 1 next year after surveying parents and businesses for input.

District administrator Mike Richie told the school board Monday night the state law mandating waiting until September 1 to start is old and outdated and that local school boards should be able to determine when school should start.

Northland Pines Petition For Early School Start?

Nov 9, 2016

An effort to have Northland Pines school district start classes prior to Sept 1 as contained in current state law is expected to be discussed by the full school board with the possibility of a petition to the Dept. of Public Instruction (DPI) requesting an earlier start.

September 1 is the opening of school for many students and parents in the Northwoods.

As another school year begins, school administrators and legislators have been meeting to open lines of communication between urban school districts and rural districts. One of the administrators participating in a recent meeting in Stevens Point was Northland Pines District Administrator Mike Richie of Eagle River who says the dialog was enlightening....

Northland Pines Administrator Mike Richie with Ken Krall.

A policy to introduce random drug testing for Northland Pines school district high school students will be finalized for presentation and possible introduction by the school board in July.

A panel of law enforcement, counselors, and school officials addressed alcohol and drug abuse in the Northland Pines schools Monday night and its growing but cooperation, coordination, and education can provide positive alternatives for kids facing questions and pressures.

Northland Pines is discussing a policy of random drug testing of students involved in organized activities and those who drive to school.

“It's going on in our schools and it's going on in our communities and we're trying how to best help out our kids,” district administrator Mike Richie said.

Eagle River may consider annexation of the Northland Pines school district property, and others, as a step toward fixing heavily used Pleasure Island Road.

At a city council meeting this week, the council and district administrator Mike Richie felt a solution needed to be found that would increase the roads base and widen the travel surface.

“We're in the business of educating kids, not fixing roads,” Richie said, pleading with the council to fix the road that not only damages vehicles but also presents a poor image of their school campus for both residents and visitors.

Administrator Wants Action On Road Near NP Schools

Mar 22, 2016

Complaints over the terrible condition on Pleasure Island Road prompted Northland Pines district administrator Mike Richie to send a letter to Eagle River city council members pointing out the road reflects poorly on the city and school district and shared the letter with the school board Monday night.

“This road is a poor reflection of the city infrastructure and the Eagle River area to our tourists,” Richie wrote. “I implore you to please find a solution to improving Pleasure Island Road.”

A second of three public information meetings on the proposed $3.9 million Northland Pines school district referendum for the next three years scheduled for a vote Feb. 16 was held last night at the Land O' Lakes elementary school before a small group of school employees and three members of the public.

Northland Pines Discusses Drug Testing Policy

Jan 6, 2016

A proposed drug testing policy for Northland Pines students participating in organized school activities or who drive to school was set aside Tuesday by the school board's Policy Committee and will not be presented to the full board for consideration at this time.

Both staff and committee members felt more information was needed with discussions with health and legal sources. As proposed, students would be randomly selected for testing with results confidential and destroyed upon graduation. Policy committee chairperson Holly McCormick wanted more discussion.

Enrollment in three charter schools in the Northland Pines school district will begin Jan. 4 according to recent reports  by district administrators.

The three charter schools are the School of Options and Applied Research, SOAR, for both middle and high school and the Montessori charter school for children for grades 4k-4.

The SOAR middle school in Land O' Lakes will host parents Jan. 5 and SOAR high school in Eagle River will host parents Jan. 7, both times starting at 6:30 p.m. Middle school SOAR is capped at 57 students while high school SOAR has no cap at this time.

Random drug testing for Northland Pines students engaged in school activities or driving to school will take place under a policy being considered for adoption in order to deter students from using drugs and offer remediation and treatment to students identified that are.

“We want to show the community we care about students and are serious about illicit drug use,” high school principal Jim Brewer said.

Not every student attends a four-year university, and school districts should be preparing students for career as well as academic paths—starting in 6th grade. That’s the argument behind the Academic and Career Planning program, mandated in all schools in Wisconsin starting in 2017.  Northland Pines is one of 25 schools in the state taking part in a pilot program that starts this fall.